Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pattern Research in Target!

Now that I'm back in the game of designing and illustrating I've been taking note of what's hot and new in the design world. I'm in love with pretty much everything from Target and they are pretty good at following the crafty trends of the industry. Check out these super cute patterns! I totally want to try out a few versions of these in my next illustrations. Photos are a little crappy because they were from my camera phone and totally trying to be stealth in the journal section. haha!

I really love the look of these flowers and plants. So cute!

Patterns are an essential part of illustrating. You can't just have boring solid colors! You need texture. I bring in my love of crafting and sewing into the layering I do in design. It crosses over more than you would think! It's good to think in layers and texture.

And look at this design that uses texture in the bird and the little cloud!