Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pantone Chip Magnets!

For all the design geeks out there. Doesn't this just make you squirm with the cuteness? I wish I had saved some of my old pantone chips from previous jobs. There are so many old versions around that you can probably scavange if you look hard enough. 

Tutorial here via How About Orange 

Then someone took it to the next level and made tiny polaroid magnets! Using the same technique and DIY skills. This is a great idea for a Christmas gift or birthday present. Maybe even a super cute anniversary gift to a significant other?
 Tutorial here - via Ambrosia Girl

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Entrepreneurs can change the world

Do what you love.. no excuses!

I love Gary. I met him in person when he was doing his book signing at Powell's bookstore in Portland a couple of years ago. I then finally got an audio copy of his book (Crush It!) and have listened to it multiple times. He's so PUMPED! There really are no excuses. I have to listen to this advice right now too. I come home so tired but I gotta remember the bigger picture and try to slide in a few hours every day to work towards that goal. There is no other way! Just lots of hard work and late nights..

Let's Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs!!