Monday, August 02, 2010

Doodle Bug

I am on some kind of crazy sharpie drawing spree over here. I want to tag everything! I want to doodle on any painted surface. I'm itching to draw rounded teeth and little bear ears. Doodle doodle!

When I got my little grey honda this spring I knew instantly that I would just HAVE to paint it. Grey? Can this girl really drive around such a boring car? It's against everything I'm trying to change in the world! It started with a little doodle on the hood. That's how it stayed for months while I waited for the rain to go away. It was a really late summer here in Portland and only recently has it actually been sunny for days in a row.

Finally it was time to PAINT!

I'll get better photos of the process when I'm further along. This is just a sneak preview to keep you interested! Haha! It was meant to be my summer project and I'm so glad I didn't put it off and miss all this awesome weather. I've been using it as a stress relief after a hard day working on the business. I head on out and turn up the toons and get to drawing with my sharpie. Tonight I even busted out the paints and started in on filling in the colors. It's going to be so awesome!

I'm so happy to be painting again. I have found myself obsessed with drawing and painting right now. It's like something inside of me has been unleashed. I must satisfy this hunger! My car has become a huge empty canvas for me to draw upon.

This is what happened last night when it got too dark to paint on the car. I found a board sitting on the porch and doodled all over it so we could have some outdoor-porch art. I see more of this happening in the future.

Maybe I'm finally finding my creative groove? I do fall into stalls every time I move and have to find my comfort level all over again. Finally I'm comfortable in this new place to start just doing what I do naturally.. being creative. I've already started on decorating the porch and modifying tables and going crazy with spraypaint and potted plants. This house is going to be full of art. Outside, inside, in the hallways and in the basement. Resident artist. Now our front yard is an art show as I set up shop with my stool and doodle all over the side of my car. I love that kids get to see this in action. It's such a big taboo to draw on a car or anything all new and shiney. I hope this inspires someone else to doodle on their car. Break out of the "normal" and personalize your transport!