Wednesday, December 01, 2010

How a hat can change your life

When you have a lolly-tots hat sitting around it just makes picture time even more epic. Here are some random moments of my life with friends and family and my silly hats. This is the "lifestyle" shots of lolly-tots.

Hanging with friends at the bar - drinking and drawing

 Trips to the coast. Practical and makes for fun photo shoots! The hats really keep out the cold winds and hold down your hair. Wow and fur on the beach! It's magical. 

 Hanging out with pals.. random music jams. Didgeridoo!

 Thanksgiving meals with family and friends and game nights that last all night long. 

Lolly-tots hats just make every hang out awesome and make for some really fun photos. It's a part of my day to day life now. These hats come with me everywhere I go. I hope if you adopt a lolly-tots hat that you will take it everywhere with you as well! It's so much more fun that way right? 

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Funky Fingered Lady said...

I love the chicken hat. =) It makes me happy!