Thursday, September 23, 2010

Silly weekends at the Satuday Market

Thanks to everyone that visited me last weekend at the market. I love capturing the little moments that makes up my day. A lot of this weekend was terrible boredom and it was SUPER slow. Every time I want to start feeling mopey and grumpy something awesome happens. These are the moments that kept me smiling all day long.

 Unicorns! A visit from my talented friend Gina of Experienced Materials. I'm making a purple unicorn hat for her daughter for Halloween! Unicorns.. serious business!

A very sweet customer was lucky enough to have her dad get her this awesome creation. It matched her outfit so well! So cute. :)

This kid had the most candy bracelets I've ever seen! A good match eh? Goodbye fuzzy lime green hat! I loved you dearly.

 Then a gang of kids from Hillsboro stopped by to try on a bunch of hats. They were all holding cardboard signs. I just had to get a photo of these two!

Never a dull day at the Portland Saturday Market!

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