Monday, July 19, 2010

Silly Hats at Saturday Market

Yeah it might be the middle of July but over here at lolly-tots factory we are still pumping them out and never fast enough! Fur is flying and threads are dangling from sock footsies. It's been a crazy month.

You wouldn't believe what a great mood everyone was in on Saturday. Maybe it was all the sun? Maybe it's because it's summer vacation? I think it's just summer and the BBQs and the warm bike rides and the smiles really gets to you after a while. These grumpy Portlanders couldn't help but be cheerful. They finally gave in. Everyone is DAMN HAPPY and I'm loving it.

It might also be that I'm only doing the market every couple weeks now so I get a long enough break to recover and be all smily again. Also enough time to get everything done so my etsy customers are not being forgotten. Everyone's happy and I'm out enjoying the sun. It was a good healthy boost of awesome being around my customers this weekend. Past customers stopped by. My booth neighbors were HILARIOUS. I had a grand time and finally getting into the groove of being a handmade vendor. Still the best job I've ever had. The good parts and the bad, I'll take them all!

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