Friday, April 09, 2010

You made me do it!

This is proof that I actually listen to my customers. You ask and I make it ok! It may take a while but it stays stuck in my head until I try it out. The owls were released a few weeks ago before I moved and were a big hit. I MUST make a chicken hat next (totally with chicken feet pull-ties!).
Now this lovely owl hat can be found in my etsy shop here.

Now the froggy hat was because of a few comments from customers. A lot of people are asking for frogs. What is it with frogs people? The froggy feet was also a good idea from a passer by at the Saturday Market. Thanks guys! I finally made one and now I understand why people love frogs. I mean... come ON! Is it the big eyes? The webbed feet? Maybe it's the years of kermit? Now available in my shop here.

My customers give me the best feedback. I want you all to know that I value your input and your comments fuel my creativity and inspiration. I am here to make you smile and if you want frogs I'll make it happen. If you want owls I'll make it happen. You want MORE animals? Well I'm working on it. :)

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