Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sewing Machine Pin Cushion Tutorial

When I'm sewing I really hate having my pin cushion in an annoying spot. If it's on the right it's out of the way so it's hard to get to when I'm in the middle of a piece. If it's on the left it's interfering with my fabric and will get knocked off the table. I figured the best place for my pin cushion was on top of my sewing machine! I had another problem though.. it kept falling off and getting in the way of the thread. There just has to be a solution to this problem! I finally figured it out. A pincushion that ATTACHES to the sewing machine. So here is a little tutorial for anyone that wants to make one too!

First measure the top of your sewing machine where you want the strap to be. I went over a couple of inches on each side for the strap to overlap so you can add Velcro.

Then measure your fabric. I went a little over two inches because my final strap needs to be under one inch in width. Make sure you add seam allowance! I measured 18 inches down and a little over 2 inches across.

Next fold it in half and sew along the outer edge.

When you are finished turn the tube inside out. I have this handy dandy tool that I use for my straps that looks like a big giant plastic needle. You can use an old clothes hanger or a piece of pipe cleaner. Just sew on the end and pull through! It's important to sew and not pin as I've had far too many pins break right in the middle and then you have to start ALL over again.

Iron the tube flat

Sew on the velcro and close off the edges. Make sure you put the velcro on opposite sides so it can wrap around.

Next cut out a circle for the pincushion. I used a roll of tape as a guide. It made a decent sized cushion. See what you have around your house! Glass jars, lids, tupperware. They are all good sources for templates. You want a perfect circle.. that will just make things easier.

Sew around the edge of the circle and stuff with scraps. I used a bit of polyfill and fleece.

Use embroidery thread in a contrasting color to wind around the cushion. Pull tight and tie a knot at the bottom. Sew it on the strap securely. I added a button to the center to give it a finish look. It's cute as a button! ha ha!



What a cute litte project...I will just have to make one of those....thanks!

2 Cute!

Jonny T said...

Omg, you're a blogging maniac now! I love it.

venus said...

Carmelina referred me to your site ;)

I LOVE this idea!!! You clever girl...

I must try this one!

Wanda Logan said...

I just found your pattern for the pin cushion. Its too cute! I will have to make a few. One for me, and one for each of my daughters. Thank you!

Sophy Wells said...

Hi Kelly, this is a briliant idea which i will be making imediately. Thanks for sharing xxx