Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I've already posted what my plans are for the next two years.. but what about the yearly goals? What do I want to accomplish this year personally?

Here are my goals for the year 2010.

1. Join a hiking group
I have already found a couple meetup groups and I'm waiting till after the holidays to go to the first hike. Yesterday I found the perfect hiking shoes at Next Adventure. A steal for $30 and they look like new. The new ones were over $100! Check out their basement deals for awesome discounts. I plan to hike a few times every month. I used to hike, two years ago I was getting pretty good. I stopped because the friends I was hiking with were going through a nasty divorce. I also was going through something similar in my life. Now it's been two years and I'm ready to tackle it again. I have my brother who now lives here and who is really active. I want to meet new people and this group will be a good way for me to do that and to stay motivated. If you want to meet new active and outdoorsy friends you have to find them in their element! I hope this fosters new friendships and leads to many new wonderful adventures. I have my shoes and water bottles.. and I'm ready to go!

2. Bicycle more than drive
I really need to get on my bike more. I've been neglecting my bike and making excuses. Well this last week I went and bought some new lights for my bike to replace the ones that were stolen. Now I have nothing stopping me. I have the rain gear, I have the lights, I know the route. Time to replace rides in the car with rides on the bike again. I am going to strive to use my bike MORE than my car. This will be better for me and the car and my mental health.

3. Workout every day
I already have the plan down and all I have to do is keep up with doing something every day. I even found some light weights at goodwill for really cheap so I can do some weight lifting. Finding weights used is such a great money saver. People buy the new weights so often and then discard them later on in the year barely used. Why buy new? I am going to commit to myself to do this every day. I may not stick to schedule all the time but I always feel better afterwards and the more I hunch over sewing and spend long days at the Market, the more I am going to need to work out those tight muscles. It's important for me to keep my back from being hurt and my strength up so I can keep going strong.

4. Pay off my debt
This is on my mind every day. All my extra funds are going towards this goal. Last night I spent time at two stores looking at shoes and trying them on. I convinced myself that I had to plan ahead for shoes and I already had what I needed. Instead of buying cheap shoes that will only last me a year I invested in solid shoes that are more practical and will keep me from slipping. Instead of new boots or shiny heels I bought a pair of used hiking shoes because my health is more important to me than shoes I might never wear. My outings are not going to be dinners and fancy parties. I am going to be spending my weekends working or at shows. My outings are going to be hiking, biking and camping. I am headed towards an extremely frugal life as I work towards my goals and freedom. Not spending money will be healthier for me and in the end I will feel better about money spent on debt and not frivolous things I don't really need.

6. Run A Successful Business
When not exercising and exploring the outdoors I will be working my ass off. I am going to be fully committed to my business this next year and take it to the next level. This means being on top of my finances and planning out events and keeping up with my lovely customers. I am going to try and be a better business woman and stretch myself even further. I feel I am growing and learning more and more but there are still things I need to do better. I am SO excited about this next year.

Those are my goals, what are yours?

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Years.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Candy Garland

For the first time in a couple years I actually feel like decorating for Christmas. I have been looking for ideas that fit certain requirements. First I don't want to use electricity as that is dangerous in our old house and wastes electricity.

I also didn't want to go out and have to buy anything new or materials because I should have enough already in my supplies. Plus I am trying to be frugual and pay attention to frivolous expenses... like decorating.

My third requirement was that it would involve recycling in some respects so I didn't use up materials I wanted to use on other projects.

So I made a candy garland! It's also called a Bon-Bon Garland. You can find the directions to make your own here. I used old fabric scraps and cut the into squares. The insides are stuffed with smaller scraps that couldn't be used for anything. The ribbon to tie the ends I found in my ribbon supplies and I've had it for years taking up space and not really being used.

In one night and one afternoon I finished enough bon-bons to decorate our back door, the middle door and the main door of our house. I am far from done though and I have some more projects up my sleeve to finish off this week. Check back again for more updates!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Holiday Sales!

I am so proud to a vendor once again at the Crafty Wonderland Holiday Sale. I have been attending since the first one and every year we get bigger and bigger! I love the ladies that run it and they are really efficient and put on an awesome show. The free grab bags are full of tons of goodies and people line up hours early just to have a chance to take one home. We have loyal customers that come back ever year just to do their Christmas shopping with us. Last year we had people brave the snow storm with snow shoes and skies just to make it to our show.

This year for me will be the best by far. I have grown to know the vendors as my friends and I am tickled pink to be setting up next to them all day. These are the guys and gals that inspire me and encourage me through the rough patches. It's awesome having a community of crafters like this. They are all such talented and wonderful people. I am honored to be one of them.

I will be selling off old stock t-shirts as I will no longer be offering adult sized tees. So if you come and check me out that day you can take them home for a low $5 each! I also submitted a lot of cool stuff for the goodie bags so make sure you show up early for that! There is going to be so many great deals and really the best of the best when it comes to crafters in Portland.

Mark your Calendars!
Sunday December 13th

Gift Ideas - Scarves

Aren't these the cutest things you've ever seen? They have a very 50's style vibe. I don't know how warm they would be but absolutely stylish and great for wearing around the office.
Found here.

Found here.

Pin Cushion Love

Found here.

Found here.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

For the naughty kids

I know these hats would have been awesome for halloween but I didn't come up with the design till afterwards! They still can be a great gift for the gothic guy or gal in your life. I just wanted to mainly experiment with making horns and a new mohawk style. New colors and designs are in the mix. I just love how the fleece merges with the fur. Available in my shop here:

Billy Goat Hat

Just finished this custom order for a cute little goat hat! I need a better photo but you get the general idea.