Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mix and Match Robots: Twist And Press Cookie Cutters

One of my Christmas traditions is Gingerbread men. I just love the decorating part (it's your favorite too right?) It's a shame we are limited to just ginger men and women. Oh wait, check this out! We can now have robots too!

I just love how you can mix and match. This is a perfect addition to the cookie cutter collection. It looks simple enough that a kid could use it as well.

Found via Apartment Therapy and available through Williams-Sonoma for only $14.99 on sale!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Robots are awesome

Why do crafters love robots so much?

Robots awesomeness found on flickr and check out her etsy shop

Friday, August 14, 2009

Geek Crafts

I love this little geek craft blog. So many geeky crafts! I'm inspired all over again.

Lots and lots of robots on there! I also spotted quite a few Tardis renditions. Gotta love Doctor Who.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

USB Robots

"This colorful and playful series of USB flash drives consists of six different models in various shapes and colors – all designed to look like cute little toy robots.

They come with a 2 gigabyte large storage capacity and their LED eyes lit up when you plug the USB stick into a computer. There are the six different colors you can choose from: yellow, black, blue, pink, red and white."
Found on

"Nice Robot USB flash drive comes in shiny metalic finish. It’s best used as a keychain to attach to your keys for easiness of bringing it along. The cap of this Robot flash drive is “firmly held” in the two hands of the robot, so you won’t easily lose the cap. When the cap is off, it looks as if the robot has just taken off his hat, giving you a bow."
Found via

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Robot Scorned

I found this on a google search. Check out this blog to see more photos of this cute little robot.

Also check out these guys too! Click for more awesome robots.

A tiny sample:

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Applique Designs!

I think of this as illustrating with fabric. Every one is unique and I am inspired by the shirt and the felt I have. I love bringing life to my fabric canvas. The day before the market I cut out all my designs and glued and pinned them together. So at the market I had a big bin of things to go through and just sew. It was so great to be there in front of people and do my thing! I can not tell you how lonely it gets working down in the basement. I just want someone to talk to, someone to joke with. It's hard to get my friends to sit with me. It's boring for them and I get distracted eventually. So now I'm not lonely when I sew, I have an audience, I have people to chat with. My customers don't feel that I'm hulking over them, I can do my thing and they can shop. I'm available for questions or for them to bring something over to me to purchase. I am so excited about doing it again.

Here are some finished designs from yesterday.

I was super creative this weekend and being productive makes the stress just melt away. With a huge load of finished product I feel that I can breath this week. Sure I still have tons to make but at least I know I won't be showing up barely anything. I have shirts! I have bibs!

Also I am proud to announce I will start taking credit cards as of this next weekend.

I don't know why it took me so long to get this started but I'm not putting it off any longer! I'm spending the week setting it up and will be in action next Saturday. Lolly-tots is now taking plastic!

Enjoy all the photos. I will see you next weekend?