Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Ruffle Top

I so want to make this top. I've been obsessing over it for days. Check out the free pattern.

Does anyone else have any good top patterns to share? I'm looking for some fun frilly tops to wear with my skirts. I love blouses with big necks and no button up fronts. Fun!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Log Pillow Kit

Don't ask me why.. but crafters are obsessed with logs and woodgrain. I want these pillows so bad.. must make my own! You can too.. just buy the pillow kit.

In the future my house will be decorated with logs, birds and mushrooms. It will be awesome and fantastic.

Also in love with their website. So much crafty goodness!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quick And Easy Sketchbook!

Check out this super easy sketchbook tutorial by Susie.

I definitely want to try this out with some of my scrap paper I have sitting around the studio. You could even make your own custom cover with your own artwork! neato.

Friends and Heart bursting with happiness

This is a happy person. This is a person living a dream. This is someone who works 7 days a week 10 hours a day, barely sleeps and pushes herself to the limit every day. This is someone who once was very sad and alone, and now is someone who has the greatest friends and support network she could have ever hoped for. This is what happiness looks like. This is what living should be about. These small moments in the sunshine, spending the day around creative artists, people watching all day and chatting my head off. This is the life!

Also Molly is awesome. And her mobiles rock. When I first moved here and visited the market Molly was here. I talked to her all the time when I visited. She doesn't remember me but I remember her. Someday I'm going to have that impact on someone else's life. Isn't that amazing? Now I sit by Molly and chat with her all day. I never thought this was so possible. Living the dream folks, living the dream.

Anything is possible. That is what my life has shown me. If you stick with something and don't give up, it happens. The pieces fall in place.

It makes me wonder.. will that happen to other things in my life? It's definitely possible!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My view at the market

I am so glad I came back to the market today. It was sunny and bright out. I got a good spot and great neighbors. Also a few of my special items were taken home by some very special people. That always makes me happy above all else. I have so many new ideas that are just flowing out of my brain. I wonder if I'll ever have time to do them? :)

Here are some videos from my booth!



Also ice cream plushies and Popsicles now available in my store!

Spring is time for skirts!

The weather is getting warmer and warmer and I have skirts on the brain. The horror of my limited collection of shorts looms above me. I want to be flowy and free and feminine this year. I've been collecting some patterns and getting ready for my next sewing project, a wardrobe refresh! This is what I have collected so far.

The A-line Skirt. Tutorial here and make your own pattern here.

Angry Chicken's 5 minute skirt.

Skirt made from a bedsheet! Tutorial here by PolkaDogCottage

This skirt I definitely want to try. Ruffle skirt by Sew,Mama,Sew! - see her tutorial

more here: linkage

Now should I stay up till midnight making a new skirt or not? hehe.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Things in my studio

My little studio is getting filled up with different art projects. Here are a couple things I've put up.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My first Blog award!

I'm honored to be included in this little bloggy award. My friend Amanda over and BreadAndBadger nomimated me. Now it's my turn to pass this award on to some of my favorite blogs. I have so many so this is going to be hard choice!

The nominees are (in random order)

1. Soto Softies by Maritza Soto
2. mmmcrafts by Larissa
3. BugsAndFishes by Lupin
4. One Red Robin by Jhoanna
5. Roaring Design by Theresa
6. Yummy Pancake
7. Bakerella
8. How About Orange

Monday, May 11, 2009

Curry Stew

I made a batch of this curry stew tonight. Mine didn't come out as wonderful looking at this photo but it does taste and smell delicious! I'm working on recipes that are using up what's left in the cupboard. I had a can of coconut milk in there and some extra veggies that needed using up. Check out the recipe and try your own version!

yum stew! I never thought curry could be so easy. The secret ingredient really is that coconut milk.

yum yum yum!

Any man that ends up with me better love his food. Oh man I wish my housemate was here so I could torture her with these lovely smells.. mmm.. oh yes.. mmmm.. so gooood..

New Pincushions!

New pincushions available in my shop!

Many colors available in mushroom and cupcake style. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Check out these great articles on Craft Magazine Blog about Crafty Moms!

* Shawn Connally and mom
* Becky Stern and mom Bette Stern
* Diane Gilleland and mom Pam Harris
* Jennifer Perkins and mom Fredda Perkins
* Maura Madden and mom Pam Madden

I come from a long line of crafty chicas. My grandma was a very talented painter and seamstress, my two aunts are painters and sewers as well. My mom was a big influence on me during childhood. It took me quite a few years to realize how different my childhood was from other kids. I remember how angry I was as a kid that we never had money for toys and that the other kids always had newer clothes than me and all the coolest newest gadgets. As a kid and especially a teenager I resented not new things. My mom was always really cheap, but what really she was just thrifty. She taught us to make our own toys. I learned sewing from an early age (10 or so) and was sewing my own dolls and doll clothes all by myself. I turned old socks into all sorts of creatures and played with those more than the store bought ones. She taught us how to make our own playdough and let us play for hours and hours building houses, creatures and making a big mess.

She didn't like doing stuff for us, she always wanted to teach us how to do it for ourselves. If you wanted to cook something she would show you where the pots were and the materials to make it and would pull out the cookbook. If you wanted to build something.. here is the wood, some nails and a hammer, have at it! It was so annoying as a kid to always get that response because you just wanted it NOW and no you didn't want to have to do it yourself. Isn't that the mom's job? What she taught us though was to be responsible human beings. All the kids are independent, smart and very capable of taking care of our own needs.

I learned how to sew, crochet, cook, woodworking and so much more from my mom. I didn't realize it till later on in life how much I did learn through my childhood. I learned how to make things with my own hand. I learned the joys of play. I learned how to recycle and use the materials around you. I learned to be creative and problem solve. I learned how to do things for myself.

My crafty mama now started up her own business sewing aprons ( a couple years ago. Now we can share stories and she gives me a lot of moral support for my own business. She was the one who gave me my sewing machine and still mails me fabric and felt she finds at yard sales. Our shared love of craft has rebuilt a rather rocky relationship. It has brought us closer as mother and daughter and healed the many fights and screaming matches we had during the teenage angst years. Now I find myself becoming like my mom more and more.. and for once in my life I'm actually proud of this.

So did you have a craft mama that got you started down your creative path? What is your story?

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Featured on Akane Designs Blog!

Check it out guys. Little Mardbert the Panda Gnome was mentioned on Akane Designs today!

Thanks for the mention Christina!

Mushroom Spindle Case Recycle

I made this from a tall CD spindle case! Can you believe it?

Here are the directions.

- Tall CD Spindle case
- Glue gun and sticks
- Foam core (or thick cardboard)
- Felt or fabric
- Paper to line the base with (ordinary copier paper will do)
- Polyfill for padding

Take the top of the spindle and trace a circle shape about two inches bigger than to the top. Cut out of foam core. Glue the spindle case to the foam core. It helps to draw a circle first to place the top into when you have the hot glue.

Trace a circle in the felt that is one inch larger than your foam core piece. You want enough fabric to fold over the edge. Cut circles from the white felt.

Lay down the large red circle. Arrange the polyfill in an even layer. Top with the CD spindle top and hold down gently on the table as you go around the edge and glue the fabric to the foam core. Watch out for hot glue!

You can finish this off with another piece of fabric but I left mine unfinished. I also added some fancy fringe. Add whatever you want! Glue on the white circles on the top.

For the base I tried two methods. First I tried a shelf liner paper that went on the outside of the base. It's a bit tricky to get on so I did it in pieces. The base is not perfectly straight, it is bigger on the bottom than the top. The second version I put a white piece of paper inside and taped it down. You can also glue on fabric around the outside. Be creative! Oh and also adding a face is a must for me.

I removed the spine from the spindle and put a piece of felt on the bottom to cover up the hole. It came off really easy!

What are the uses? Well the first one holds all those little panda gnomes. The other will hold something secret. Maybe it would make a good bank? It can keep your craft supplies nice and safely stored.

If you make one please post a link! I challenge you! Make your own mushroom today! No sewing and glue gun awesomeness.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More Hats!

check it out. Finally added the dino hat to my store and a couple other ones as well! Browse all the hats in my store here.

Hats in Etsy shop

New hats available in my shop today!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Yard Sale Treasures

On the way to my friend's house on Friday I zoomed on by a yardsale sign. The urge hit me deep in my stomach.. turn around! I fought it.. then another sign showed up. I couldn't take it. I had to turn around. I'm SO glad that I did! I found some incredible treasures and ended up only spending $24 total. Sweet! Check out what I found!

This torso was only $5.00 and the owner mentioned that the rest of her was "somewhere" but that's all she could find. PERFECT for me and now I have a new hat model! She's a little beat up but I think she's beautiful. I have a ton of wigs that she can wear and maybe someday I'll find her some arms and legs. For now.. she has a new home and new job. She has already modeled my whole line of hats and new photos to come. She poses very well and is very versitle. I have yet to name here. Any ideas?

I tried to startle R. my housemate and set her up on the coach. She came home just in time to catch me and was more weirded out than scared. Damn!

I love this new garment rack that I nabbed for only $2.00. Can you believe it? I was just thinking I need a new display for Last Thursday that didn't involve a tent setup and then I found this. I had it in my head to find a new garment rack. SO happy with this! Look it folds up and everything!

Plastic clock frame. Perfect for a shelf/frame for my wall. I have plans for this. Notice the cat ass hidden in the back. She refused to be photographed.

Trivet with 70's flowers. I love the colors, sooo going in my kitchen when I have my own. Sweet!

Vinyl paper for drawers. Check out the vintage patterns! I love the wood grain. I have a perfect project in mind involving a stump and cardboard. :)

Shower curtain toppers. Has anyone seen anything like this before? It goes on the top like the top of a window curtain. So odd. R. wants to put one up on our shower. hehe. I'm sending them home to mom to make aprons from.

Neato crafting table. It opens on the top. I don't know.. I love it. I want to paint it. It's weird but it's cute and I want it in my new house. Perfect for tv watching and stashing crafts when company comes.

Top treasure! This is a vintage 1970's poster. I LOVE the neon colors and the line work on this piece. It was made by a company called "hole in the wall". I can't find info about them anywhere. This may be worth money.. I don't know. If you know anything about this please let me know. Check out the detail work!

You never know when you are going to find treasures!