Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've had this idea running around in my head for a while. I LOVE pincushions. I've started to collect them this year. It wasn't on purpose, I just kept getting them as gifts and then finding ones on my own and now making them. Did I mention how much I love pin cushions? Here is the first one I made, a little mushroom pincushion. Next to him is a cute little sculpture my friend T made for me. You can read more here on her blog. Isn't he the cutest? He's my new little deskmate, if you look really close you can see a my little pony peeking in on the shot. I have ALL of the my little ponies from the McDonald's promotion last year. ALL OF THEM. I'm proud of it too. so hah!

Oh yes so here's the first one:

This is the second one. It started out an apple but now it looks more like a tomato or a pumpkin. I LOVE this one so much!

Then I tried a pear pattern. I love the curves on this one. The leaves really add that extra detail. So much fun to make!

They are all currenlty available in my shop. If you want a custom one made for you just send me a little message. Every seamstress needs a good pincushion!

Keep on Crafting. Oh yeah.

And I"m off to sleep. Shame on me for staying up so late. oh dear. I've gone and done it again.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dino Goodness

Found on the interwebs!

Dante Beatrix Little tike's backpack. Available through bebewonders.

Adorable Dino costume from buycostumes.com

Robeez Baby Dino Shoes from WhatSheBuys

And guess who made this? Available in my shop here. I really need to make more dino stuff. I love the little guys.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kitty Hats!

I've been told these are like the hat that that "max" wears in the book "Where the wild things are". I was inspired by the anime fan hats that I see everywhere. I wanted to try making my own version! They totally fit in with the rest of my creations and I love the reactions I get from friends, coworkers and shoppers at the market. I'm having a blast making them. I have about 9 in the works to add to the bunch I have here.

The wolf hat was my first attempt. I had some great fur my my gave me and I wanted to make something out of it. By the way, this is way better than making a stuffed animal out of this stuff. It's like a stuffed animal you can wear! It's awesome, I love it, they make me so happy.

Here is a fleece version that is really lightweight and warm. I love this one the best. It feels like a hug on your head. I'm going to make them in pink and black. Everyone is asking for black! Ok people.. you will have black!

This one is made from fabric I've had forever and has been waiting for something special. It's lined inside with super soft fleece fabric. OMG it's so soft and furry. This pinky will go to someone special.. I just know it. They all have their own personality! Thanks to my housemate's BF Dave for modeling.. I think he secretly liked it even though it looks like he's being tortured.

I'm also working on a dino hat version. The first one I made is going to my friend's little one who loves dinos. I hope it's big enough! I LOVE it so much I'm going to make another one and see if people like it next weekend.

So I'm absolutely obsessed with hats right now. It's all I ever think about.. I obesses over it at work and I'm constantly distracted thinking about the pile of fleece I have waiting at home just wanting to be hats.. just ready to be sewn.. oh the creations I can make!

I am saving up to order my next batch of onesies and then I can release my spring batch of newborn onesies, burp clothes and receiving blankets! All in the works and my next big project after these hats. I'm getting ready for the spring baby boom!

Well I have lots of work to do and Battle Star Galactica to watch. Please don't spoil the ending for me! I am way behind on season 2 still. I love it so far! Now to sew and watch some sci-fi action.

HATS everywhere!

Fixing things up

I took the last weekend off from the market to get some me time and stock up on some sleep and get warm again! I made a new banner for my tent which was proudly displayed this weekend along with my new display with a table, carpet and new accessories from Portland Store Fixtures. It's getting better every week and I'm encouraged by the sun and the crowds of people that showed up.

Handmade arts is not lost! Come out and support your local vendors. I'll be there every Sunday this year. I'm also going to try out Last Thursday starting this week. I am sure I will get a regular spot eventually but I don't know right now. Just look for me on the side of the street. I'm sure I'll be easy to find!

This is me hard at work sewing up my banner. The hat helps creativity. haha

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hamburger Cupcakes

Check out these cupcakes made by Yummy Pancake. She even includes a tutorial so you can make your own! I'm sure making these for you coworkers will get you super bonus points.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rebuilding Center

So I've been seeing this little sticker on cars ALL over Portland. I was going crazy trying to figure out what it was and why it was so popular. Finally I found out!

It's a bumpersticker for the Rebuilding Center! I ran into a friendly guy at Home Depot last night that was telling me about it.. seems everyone knows about it. He even said. "Oh you are new to Portland" yeah because I don't know what the rebuilding center is? I guess so... I am so ashamed.. why haven't I been going to these guys all these years. Sheesh!

Well now that I have a car and lots of projects lined up for this summer I will be frequenting this place and also SCRAP for lots of wood. I need wood for canvases to paint on, tables to make, Vegetable gardens to make and plant and perhaps even a greenhouse if I get around to it.

Part of living in a community is finding ways to utilize local businesses and organizations instead of the large corporations. So before I head over to Home Depot for some wood and supplies I'm going to check out the Rebuilding center first!

Buttercup Bag

Check out this Buttercup Bag from Made By Rae. What a great weekend project. I have some spare fabric in my studio and I totally want to try and make this. It's such a cute design and looks to be the right size to actually hold the amount of stuff I tend to carry around.

It's free and you can make it too. Download the pattern here. Found via How About Orange and Craft Magazine Blog.

This is a flickr pool already filling up with photos of this lovely bag made by all sorts of crafters.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saturday Market Blues

My start at the Saturday Market has been a little bumpy so far. It's been rainy and cold and I freezed by butt off. It's also been really exciting and new and I am too stubborn to give up this early. I have mixed feelings about the last couple times I've gone and set up. So I took the last weekend off and did absolutely nothing all day. I was at home covered in blankets glancing out the window at the monsoon outside. I'm glad I took the time off to just have a regular weekend. But this next weekend I'll be back at it again!

What I enjoy most about the Saturday market is the friendship and support between the artisans. I enjoy chatting with them while I jump around trying to stay warm. It's interesting hearing about their lives and how they ended up here of all places trying to sell their wares. I set up across from the guy who has the animal puppets. I need to get a picture of him in action. Next weekend perhaps? He really makes those little guys come alive. I've also had the pleasure of setting up next to Gordon of Rose City Totes. I just LOVE and drool over his bags. I love the fabrics (AMAZING!!)

The bear hats made their first appearance. No takers so far but I am hopeful someone will relate to my weirdness. I am working on putting them on my website and etsy shop. Maybe tonight if I don't sleep? hah!

I caught a nasty cold last time I was out and was cold for days, worn out physically, shot emotionally and just generally run down. I won't give up this easily and I will stick it out. I just realize I need to take some time off now and then to rest up. I'm a one person show and if I go down the whole ship goes down. I'm also concentrating on keeping it fun and connecting to the love of the art that got me here. I am not sure if the Saturday Market is the right place for right now but I haven't given it a fair chance yet. I need to work on my display, every time I get better and more pieces are added. Maybe it's good to work out the kinks before the busy season really hits? I'm excited about this summer and how nice it will be to be outside and right next to the river.

The warm weather will come. I will figure out what I'm supposed to make. My business will start to be more cohesive, my products more unified. I'll work out the kinks in the crazy weirdness and hone it down to something people will want and love. This is the hard part that you have to get through so you can grow, learn and be a better business owner, crafter and human being. No one said it would be easy!

I can't wait to show you what else I've been up to. New hat design on the way!

See you next weekend? They say it's going to be sunny and warm!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

House Of Mouse

I came across this little etsy shop while browsing the etsy blog. Her studio was featured in their blog's "Open Studio Tour" view the article here. Check out House Of Mouse and all her delightful creations.

Mousies make me happy right now. Maybe I've been playing too much Mousehunt on facebook?
I just love the detail and the unique personality each mouse has. They also remind me of the Robot A Day project. How do these people find the time? ahh!


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bear Hats

I'm playing around with a new product idea this week. Bear Hats!

I finally nailed down a good fleece hat pattern and banged out a few ideas last night. I found a few knit hats that I added applique to to make the other versions. So I have a fleece hat and knit beanie hat. I'm going to be selling them this weekend at the Saturday Market. I'll be there on Sunday again. From 11 to 4:30. If you are in the area stop on by and say hi!

Here are a few photos of my creations.

I stayed up way too late last night. I was alone for the night and had a bunch of good movies. I think I went to sleep at 4 am and woke up at around 7:30. I'm going on 3 hours or so of sleep. This makes work interesting. I'm not that tired right now.. more like pumped up. This is my second job... hard to do both but gotta make the sacrifices. Right now that is sleep for me. I can't stop when the muse hits me. I have to keep going. Sometimes I can sit with a huge pile of things to sew up and not touch it for weeks and weeks. Some nights I just can't stop.. that's why I don't sleep. I just keep going.. who knows when the inspiration will end! Who knows what will come of the night of working.. so I stay up and make a huge mess and create some super cute things.

Now that I'm all sleep deprived I am wondering if this stuff is totally ridiculous.. you should see the rest in the pile! I will take more photos later. The bibs are hilarious. I am gearing up for this Sunday! I am working on some stickers tonight and hopefully should have a whole new batch printed tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep it together until Saturday when I can sleep and do nothing. ahhh yes..

Portland Store Fixtures

People have been telling me for a while to go to Portland Store Fixtures. I've always wanted to check the place out, see what they have, if it was all that was said about it was true. After going there this Monday afternoon.. all I have to say is.. Oh my goodness, it's that and MORE.

Well I have a little more to say! I would recommend going here before you buy ANYTHING new for your booth or business. They have grids in slates and squares at 30% lower than buying new, they are in great condition, slightly banged up but used and recycled! I went crazy there! I found some great hangers to show my hats, a new grid for my tent, baskets, zip ties, waterfall hangers for clothing display and so much more that I wanted to take home but couldn't because I was trying to stick to a budget.

They had everything I wanted at Grand and Benedicts but at a much lower price. They had SO many full body models and torsos. They had displays for cards, magazines, clothing. Fancy and practical versions. They have all the little pieces to the grids and slates walls, it was great to just browse through the boxes and be reminded of things I needed. I know I can find them here now!

I'm all set for next weekend. I'll be doing the Sunday of the Saturday Market. I have new hats to sell (another post about that soon here) and new display stuff to play around with. If I run into anyone asking about where to find grids or garment displays I will send them to Portland Store Fixtures right away. It's worth the weekday afternoon trip.

Big thumbs up from me. Also a GREAT staff and very helpful to find the most random things. They actually knew exactly what I was talking about.