Monday, October 12, 2009

Studio Update

There is a lot going on this week and I've been a really busy lady. This Tuesday I meet with the owners of Frock for consignment of my scarves. Last week I met with the owner of Union rose and I have 7 of my scarves in her shop now! This is for me a way to force myself to start talking to shop owners and getting my work out there. So far it's only scarves but this will be a bridge to other pieces in the future. Small goals right? The little victories encourage me to continue and make the process seem less intimidating. Also means I get to know shop keepers around my neighborhood.

I am also on my second week of my business foundations class with Mercy Corps NW. So far I've learned a lot about myself. I learned that I do have a lot of knowledge from all the business books I've been reading. It's great to go over the same material I've been reading about for a couple years. I learned that with this back knowledge and with my experience selling at the Saturday Market that I have a better view of where my business needs to go and what I need to grow. I can ask really direct questions and get the help I need. Instead of general advice and general tips I can get info for exactly what I need. This is so valuable! I accept my limitations and I am embracing my strengths. I know I fear math and finances and I hate making spreadsheets. I met someone at my first class that helps set up small businesses with financial planning and bookkeeping. I am finding people that make this big scary thing look really easy and they will hold my hand and guide me through the process. How awesome is that! I'm excited about this class and what it means for my business growth. I would highly recommend this class to anyone here in Portland that needs business help. It's worth it.

I've been sewing hats like crazy. I have a few new designs I'm working on and setting up a photo shoot with a friend of mine for all the kid designs. Fun times! I don't know if I'll have everything done this winter but it will at least set me up for next year. Gotta look at this as working ahead and not being behind. So I keep on sewing and sewing with the knowledge that I have a Christmas show coming up and that these hats will add to an inventory that will eventually sell. It's hard to spend hours working on something you will be using months later.

I spend all weekend living like a hermit hiding away in my basement. I'm covered in fur and fleece and hyper on coffee. It's a secluded life. It's different than I was years ago but I'm happier this way. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I do get out now and then. I went out with some of my brothers friends the other night to the field of screams which is a big corn field maze that had a bunch of spooky scary things jumping out at you. I forced myself to not work all day.. I was trying to take a break. You know what? I couldn't stop thinking about my sewing pile. I was anxious as they relaxed and meandered. I always wanted to get going to the next place. They were so slow! Maybe I was too fast. I don't know if I can handle people still. I think I'm over it. Only in small doses is what I can handle. Too much burnout from previous friend groups. It just brought back bad memories.. and also I remembered.. I don't like this.. I don't like groups.. I don't like crowds.. I'm not guilty about it anymore! I shouldn't feel bad for staying at home all the time. I remember the reason I do is that I don't care about being social. It's not as fun for me.. it's kinda a pain. I can handle it just fine every month or so and I can try and hold my tongue and be nice. But maybe it's good I'm locked in a basement most of the time. I reminded myself I was there for a reason.. I was happy. And I'm ok with being social a small part of the time. I'm ok hanging out with my brother. I'm ok using all my visiting time up at craft fairs. I'm happier this way. I'm not forcing myself to be something I'm not.

Sometimes I wonder though.. are all crafters really antisocial people? Do we use all this extra time to craft? Is that how it starts?

Can extroverted people that are out all the time really ever get any work done?

That is why most of my friends are crafters.

Accepting what I am, learning how to be a better person, building my business one day at a time. It's an exciting week and I feel very productive, happy and centered.


Derek said...

you might get something out of this free talk/reading at Powell's on monday. He's an intense and energetic guy, but he knows his stuff:

Gary Vaynerchuk
In Crush It! (HarperStudio), online-marketing trailblazer Vaynerchuk tells business owners what they need to do to boost their sales using the Internet — just as he has done to build his family's wine store into a multi-million dollar business.

Monday, October 19th @ 7:30pm Powell's City of Books on Burnside
1005 W Burnside (800) 878-7323

Mary Kelly said...

Thanks for telling me about that event. Sounds like a good book and I'm gonna go check it out.

Thumbs up dude :)