Saturday, October 17, 2009

My mom the apron lady

This is the woman that raised me, the woman that encourages me when I'm down and inspires me through her own success. She sells aprons over in Southern Oregon (I'm in Portland clear across the state). My mom and dad had a long history of selling all sorts of things. My dad was always coming up with new money making schemes and my mom learned from him the tricks of the trade. He was a jack of all trades. Back when I was a kid I remember him having an upholstery shop. She still tells me stories of their rambling ways. It must have stuck with her though because all my life she's been that way. As a single mom she used every means she could to cut corners and save money. She always cooked all our food and we made all our own toys. She learned to be creative and fast with the sewing machine.

For over 10 years she's been working as a florist for Albertsons and about 3 years ago (I think it's been that long) she made some aprons for Christmas presents for her friends. She caught the sewing bug that winter and couldn't stop making them! Soon she made enough to take to a show, then another, then another. Now she's almost living off of her business and aprons have taken over her life. When I visit her she's always showing me her new creations. She took over the extra rooms in the house and has one room FULL of aprons and fabric. Then there's her sewing room which has all the new ones and aprons in progress. She takes custom orders and has an apron for every person. They are all different and unique. From the crazy odd to the hip retro styles. Some of her patterns come from vintage designs and she's brought them back to life to be used by a new generation.

Now my mom is on youtube.

Well this is the lady that got me going. She gave me the sewing machine I sew my hats on. She taught me to sew and crochet even though I cried and cursed and swore I was giving up.

You go mom!

Check out her shop here: