Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Being an Artist


Reading this comic helps me feel better about my own struggles. Comic book artists don't work on the same thing as me but they are artists too working hard for their dreams. It's just that they can use comics as a way to communicate how they feel. The last panel of this comic is what I've been told by other artists giving me advice. (I had the same sober reaction)

I hope this lifestyle doesn't scare people off too much. It is a struggle though and the fantasy of it all wears off pretty quick. It's a BUSINESS. Art is a BUSINESS and unless you are wealthy or live with your parents or have a spouse.. than you have to treat it as a real business. When this art sale depends on you paying the rent or buying food, then it becomes real.

One thing I didn't do when I tried to start out this year is have an emergency fund. That is so important! It's a necessity no matter who you are or where you work. Now I have something to save for.. as I keep up my day job and work harder than ever late into the night.

At least there are other artists out there that struggle like me. I feel really sad and guilty sometimes that I can't go out because of lack of funds.. that I hardly see my friends.. that I spend every night like a hermit just sewing as I see my housemate go out night after night. I stay home, night after night. Art is my life and I have made it the top priority in my world. And you know what? After even a month of me staying home night after night I have gained so much. I sew tons of hats, I play with the cat, I cook tons of meals. I have lots to show for it in the end. What if I had just gone out all month? I would have no money and nothing to show for it. I would have hazy memories and for 80% of the time get stuck thinking I would just rather be at home sewing under a pile of blankets.

Now you're a REAL artist. hehe.

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