Friday, July 17, 2009


I haven't been posting in the last few weeks because I've been too busy just trying to keep up with my life right now. Some of the things I've been working at are:

1.) Finding a better printing setup.
I am currently collaborating with a screen-printer who is going to let me work in his shop to print my shirts and also putting me to work as a trade. I'm excited about working with an experienced printer and how much more experience I'll pick up in the process. I've met with him twice and I am in the process of cleaning out old screens, buying some wood for a shirt form for the press (my onesies require a custom arm), and buying more screens. I'm excited about how this means for my growth and ability to keep up with inventory!

2.) Meeting with Etsy groups/ Planning Meetings.
I am getting more and more involved with the PDX Etsy street team group and trying to keep in contact with our etsy crafting community. I recently attended the meet and greet with Etsy was in town last night. I was able to meet the CEO of Etsy, Matt (one of the original owners), and Anda who does the twitter and artwork for Etsy. I was networking like a fiend at the huge event last night that Etsy hosted for the Portland crew.

3.)Sewing New Aprons.
I am finishing up some aprons and chef hats that I will be showing this weekend. They will be a cute little set with matching hat, apron and a colorful spatula! I'm thinking about giving out recipe cards for the set. Wouldn't that be cute? Also going to try and make some more fake food that can go with them. For cooking playtime! Real and imaginary. :)

So much to still do!
What I been neglecting is my website and my etsy shop. My goal is to fix all of those things this month. Next weekend I'm off at a Pirate camping adventure call Sea Dog Nights. Then NEXT weekend I'm off to ANOTHER Pirate event called Willamette River Festival in Albany. I'm looking forward to all the BBQ and Pirates! BOOM is going to be there! I'll be helping my friend with face-painting and she is putting on a puppet show. I'll have more info about that later.

In August things are going to even out a bit (I hope). I'm not taking off somewhere and staying right here in Portland do do shows every weekend. I might try out some farmer's markets this next month so many I'll be in your neighborhood! I'm always looking for new shows too. If you have any info please forward it in my direction.

This month has been so good for me. I am getting the help and support that I need. I don't feel like I'm drowning as much. I still have a long way to go to get ahead. Thanks for everyone's support and great advice. Being around creative, passionate, beautiful people have really done a lot for my soul. Before I felt alone, and now I know I have others there climbing with me and working just as hard and dealing with the same kind of challenges I face as well.

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