Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sock Dreams

I am obsessed with socks right now! Have you heard of Sock Dreams? Of course you have.. right? Sock it to Me socks? I recommend both! Great for guys and gals and sexy as hell. I love this selection.. how can I choose just one?? I got four pairs! yeah!

Socks socks socks. Knee Highs are HOT. Don't you agree?
I asked T (who has a friend that works there) if these guys get crazy foot fetish people browsing this site and she said they get weird calls from time to time. No kidding!

I am so into wearing skirts nowadays. Gone are the days of ill-fitting shorts and pants. I want to wear skirts and be flowing and pretty and dainty. I want to be feminine again and be warm doing it! Socks are the answer.. layering is the key. It's always been too cold for me to wear skirts. Socks are the answer! Also skirts are easy to make and inexpensive while shopping for pants is HORRIBLE and time consuming and EXPENSIVE. I can never find the right fit! I'm SHORT and have HIPS and those are two things designers do not account for. I want to be in a skirt and feel free and dressed up and I'm tired of dressing boring and plain.

Dressing up is fun! and socks are awesome.
Oh by the way, this is only the beginning to the collection. I limited myself to just four at a time, more to come for sure! Also free shipping on this order! Awesome huh?

Oh and check out these leg warmers! HOT! available from Sock Dreams ladies! You know you want them. :)

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