Monday, April 20, 2009

New Buttons!

My button supply has been getting low over the last few months so I am working on replenishing my supply. But this is a new year and I'm getting tired of my designs. I'm retiring a few and working on some new ideas.

Do any of you my dear readers have any ideas or suggestions for new one inch button designs? I'm always looking for more input and a good idea taken will get you free buttons in return!

Check out the delicious colors.. mmm.. see the empty spots ready for new buttons?

I always make this face when cutting circles. It's aggravating.. hehe

Come see me in person to view the new designs! I'm at the Market every Sunday and now Saturdays as well. I'm also at Last Thursday. I can do custom work as well and working on adding that to my shop. So if you have an idea and want a few buttons please send me a little note and I can make it happen for you.

I make your dreams come truuuuuuuue. Well I can try at least. haha

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