Friday, September 26, 2008

It's a Pirate Week

New Pirate Print finally revealed! This is an old project of mine from last year where I attempted my first block print. I cut it down using the reductive technique and started off with the blue layer, than the red, then the black. I had to paint in a little of the red and fix some of the white after because my layer planning was a bit off. I really like how they came out though. Each one is a bit unique and I will be posting them for sale one after the other. This is the first one available to the general public!

Printed on watercolor paper - hand printed by yours truly. Parts of it are hand painted with acrylic paint. It is ready for framing and hanging. Blimey! Don't you want one? Available in my etsy shop now!

Here in the office (at my design day job) we have been listening to Captain Bogg and Salty. It's been a very Piratey week starting off with Last Friday being "Talk Like A Pirate Day". Then on Saturday I attended the Portland Pirate Festival and feasted on Turkey Legs and listened to scallywags singing sailing songs. I brought back my eyepatch to work so I could keep the pirate spirit going.

Turkey Leg!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

System Fonts Unite!

Download Ransom here.

That's Tasty!

This cute little painting is acrylic on a recycled piece of an album cover. It is framed in a recycled clock face cover. It can be re-framed easily and removed if necessary.

I was experimenting with paint and colored pencil. I really like how the texture came out on the bear and love his ears.

This little piece always gets a lot of attention art art walks but has yet to find someone that wants to take it home. So I am offering it up to you at my etsy shop here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Blue Suitcase

I dug through some of my old projects and found this little suitcase. It was so darling I couldn't resist painting on it. The front is hand painted with acrylic paint and the inside is a doodle in sharpie pen. It would make a perfect purse or lunchbox?

I'm also a nut for icecream.. if that isn't apparent in my artwork!

now available in my etsy shop here.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn Comfort Candles

My good friend Autumn makes some lovely soy candles. Not only are the they beautifully packaged they smell so delightful! They really are something you have to experience in person. They are all natural soy candles made from 100 percent soy, with high quality fragrance oils.

They are available in Vanilla, Cucumber Melon, Hawaiian Breeze, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla Sugar, Coconut Lime Verbena, Birthday Cake, White Tea and Ginger, Papaya Mango, Vanilla Maple Pecan, White Cherry Blossom, Caramelized Praline, Wild Berry Mousse, Lime, Coconut, Blue Berry Cheese Cake, Lavender, Sandalwood, Cinnamon Buns, Pearberry and Pear Glaze.

I trade with Autumn for shirts for her little tikes in turn I get my hands on some lovely candles. Here is one of her recent creations made from a recycled wine bottle.

Visit her Etsy shop here:
When looking for a safe gift this holiday season I would recommend a candle from Autumn Comfort Candles. They make a nice housewarming gift, dinner party gift and perfect for the mom or friend who has everything.

Tell her lolly-tots sent you!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Felt Flowers!

This last weekend I experimented a bit with felt and embroidery and came up with this little number. I've wanted to try my hand at pin hole artwork where make a design in paper using a needle or thumbtack. I thought that adding some felt and beads might spruce it up. It's really a darling little piece and I want to make a few more as I experiment with additional flower designs and arrangements.

available in my etsy shop here.

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Today is the official Talk Like A Pirate Day. Are you worried that you won't fit in with your co-workers? Don't know the first thing about talking like a pirate?

This be the video to set ye straight.


Monday, September 15, 2008


THE PANDOPUS, originally uploaded by loveandasandwich.
More illusive than the giant squid, happier than the fresh water dolphin, and quite possibly the only fish covered entirely with fur. The Pandopus is a mysterious crossbreed between a panda and an octopus. Scientists are baffled as to how this creature came about, because no panda has ever been recorded as being able to swim.
Nevertheless, this pandopus is being put up for adoption by the PCS (Pandopus Conservation Squad) in hopes that the Pandopus will find a good new home.

more monsters by loveandasandwich at her etsy shop: http: //

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Studio!

I'm finally settle in to my new little art studio. I'm tucked away in the bottom of the house in the basement. There are cute little windows that look out to the garden and the side yard. I have all my supplies organized and ready to go. I haven't been down there in a bit since the whole apron crazyness.

I'm so happy to have a place to create again. I'm working on reviving my creative spirit and really putting my heart into this again.

So here's a peek at my little studio!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crafty Update

I've been busy down in my new little studio making new creations for the past week or so. Just how I like it, most of my free time spent hunched over a pile of felt and scraps. I'm bonding with my sewing machine. For once in our two year partnership we are actually working together cohesively. I had a bit of a scare last night though when after hours of it working perfectly it started to clog and crunch. Usually I would have freaked out and maybe would have ended up breaking the needle and shutting the machine away in a dark closet for a few months. But this time I took a deep breath and went over my options.

I gave the machine a nice cleaning and oiling and checked the needle (yes it was put in the right way!) and the bobbin (no scratches and well wound). When I had finished that all up and screwed the bottom back on I tried out a scrap piece of fabric (usually I'm so impatient I just start in on the project again and end up ruining whatever i'm working on as it continues to clog and aggravates me). Found out it was still clogging up. (ARGHHH!!) Stay cool, stay cool! ah ha! Tension problem? yes.. turn the nobby in the top another number down and BAM! it's working again.

My project has been working on a number of aprons my mom and aunt made for me last year for me to experiment screenprinting on. I had a grand plan to screenprint some cool cooking related things onto these aprons and sell them on etsy and craft fairs. (yes another revived prototype!) I've put that idea aside and I'm trying appliqué for a change. There has been much snipping and ironing. I'm trying out different methods.. the iron on, the embroidery, the zig-zag.

Today work has been slow so I've been coming up with some new designs to try out when I get home. One of my favorite inspirational blogs is print&pattern.

So here's hoping these aprons are finished soon and passed along to the public. I'm going to be sending them all off to my mom to sell. Because, HELLO she's the Apron lady! Sheesh. Check out her etsy site here.

If you see anything you like I can special order it for ya and post it on my own etsy. I'm just experimenting right now. It's also a fun collaboration with my mom who is so good at sewing the aprons, all I have to concentrate on is decorating them! Let me know what ya think folks. Your comments keep me going.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Too Many Tomatoes?

Wow our little garden went CRAZY with tomatoes this year. Me and my roommate were long and done with eating our little cherry tomatoes just about the time they started to really come in. So what to do when you have an explosion of tomatoes but don't want to eat them right now?

Option #1 - Freeze them!
Tomatoes can be frozen whole (I would recommend cutting up the large ones). Once thawed they will be great for cooking but with be slightly mushy.

I decided to take my batch and season them a bit. I cut them in half and laid them out on a cookie sheet. Just add some dry basil, olive oil and salt and they should be good to go. I cooked them on 350 for about 10 minutes than switched to broil and toasted the top. I didn't use them right away (as I'm tired of the damn things and want them to go away!) so I slid them into a few tupperware containers to use for later. I read online that this is a good way to start off a fresh pasta sauce or just grind it up and have it on toast with cheese. YUM!!

Option #2 - Can Them!
Lovely recipe for pickle tomatoes here:

Option #3 - Make Sun Dried Tomatoes

check out these sites:

so what do YOU do with too many tomatoes?

Fossilized Plastic Cuffs

I found these beautiful cuffs while browsing through the Craft Magazine Flickr pool. You can find them over at

The artist explains a bit more about the process. I find it fascinating and would love to see pictures of the step by step progress.
This method of dying and embossing plastic which I call ‘fossilized Plastic’ due to the fine detail which it is possible to capture on the embossed surface so they are fossil like, a process I developed myself during my MA. I enjoy the brilliant colour and the rich surface patterns that this process creates. Each piece is a one off and individually made.

For the subject I choose quite ordinary plants and weeds, as well as textiles which I have had a life long love for. I hope that the wearer will not only enjoy them as jewelery but also review their appreciation of the natural world. I am inspired both by the modernist approach to materials and enjoy cheap plastic items from places like Hong Kong. I set out to create a marriage between the industrial and the organic. I want to create a feeling of celebration between material and subject.

priced at £40.00 UK and about $70.00 US.

More of her amazing work can be found on her blog: