Monday, August 25, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Color Quiz

I just finished up this little color quiz from Pittsburgh Paints. In the end it matches you with color palettes for painting your house and decorating. The questions are designed to draw out your favorites. I do say mine are right on and I am saving them for future reference. I tended to be drawn towards the warm and sunny tones. What does it say about you?
- take the color quiz

This would be a really helpful resource when thinking about painting and decorating a room or your whole house.

Found via: How About Orange

Here are my results:

Cupcake Popsicles

Nickelodeon is taking back-to-school suggestions on their website for parents at For every back-to-school tip or recipe you give, they'll make a donation to Feed the Children’s Kid's School Basics Program. Your ideas will help kids and parents all over the US get ready for school. You can leave tips on their site through September 25th.

Bakerella posted her entry - a recipe for a cupcake popsicle. So orange and delicious! There are a few other variations shown as well. Check it out! Her cupcakes have been shown on Martha Stewart! sweet eh? The possibilities are endless, a great party idea or fun project to do with kids.

found via: How about Orange


my creationfound on the site.. I like the randomness

As a graphic designer I naturally have become a little obsessed with letters and typefaces. This little site called Wordle has become my new favorite. You can make your own pieces by submitting words and with a click of the button it becomes a unique piece of art created by you.

found via: Average Jane Crafter

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mushroom Love

Delightful mushroom finds over at Spiralling Store. Check it out!

Sew Your Man a Tater Tot vest

Nothing says "I love my man!" like a handmade Tater Tots vest and hat. A bachelor eating Tots night after night, a long distance relationship, what else could she do to seal the deal?

via - Curbly

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Adult Soap Box Derby ROCKS!!

Wow. I can't believe I have lived in Portland so long and never attended the famous soap box derby. I don't feel that I was a true portlander until this afternoon. This is a summer MUST. Next time I'm bringing the lounge chairs, cooler of beer and a blowhorn. Is this another of Portland's secret treasures??

The picture above is an actual picnic table turned into a car! The driver's head is in the middle in the serving cover! The pushers were dressed as waiters and they threw meatloaf (I think it was real)and mashed potatoes at the other riders.

There was so much creativity and hours put into each cart and it was more like a fast speed parade than a roller derby! I made it to the top of the hill (through the grueling heat) and found the starting line where it's the best place to take photos of the rides before they hit the track. A few riders bit the dust a few turns down the road. This can be a dangerous sport but it looks like loads of fun. There was so many people walking around in costumes (I happened to run into hulk hogan and a polar bear) My heart swelled with pride. Yes there is a reason I live in this city.. and these are my people.

They had an hour break and before the last races a marching band came out and rocked the park. I am not officially hooked. They have marching bands? HELLS YEAH! HOW did I never hear of this? Screw the rose parade this is how to do it right!

It was a long and HOT day but i'm so glad I made it over. It's a hard trek up the hill but if you make it to the top it's worth it. I recommend bringing lots of water, a hat, shades and a cooler full of refreshment.. oh and a blanket or chairs. It's definitely the kind of event to sit back and relax and be entertained for hours. Also a great way to meet the real people of Portland.

So in the end I hid inside and attempted to cool down.. relaxing with a nice glass of margaritia. ohhhh yeah. Cheers to all of you and to the HOT HOT day which I LOVE and I LOVE having hot days to complain about! This has been one of the most awesome summer days and I will remember it for a lifetime. Hells yeah soap box derby! You guys rock!

Here are some videos for you!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Website Up!

Lolly-tots has finally launched our new website. It's been in the works for most of this year but I put the finishing touches on last night. It still needs to be updated in parts and is a work in progress but now finally you have prints and artwork available for viewing and sale! Check it out at

The next step is printing more shirts for my back-orders. I'll be doing that this week. Be expecting new toddler and infant shirts next week!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mission Organization

I'm almost grateful that I tend to move every year. It gives me the opportunity to purge, organize and re-evaluate what I have been hoarding. This weekend a majority of my time was spent sorting the junk piles and re-organizing all my crafting and art supplies. I have a massive amount of old fabrics, yarns, art books, sketch books, and magazines.

I managed to chuck a good portion of my junk over the last few weeks. I have a great goodwill pile, craft exchange pile and recycling pile. With every box filled I fill lighter. I can't wait till it's gone for good.

I have also been really really looking at the collection of craft supplies that I have hoarded away for the future. Finding the post "Three signs of a cluttered fabric stash" from True up helped encourage me through the process. I suggest also reading posts from for your every day life as well.

I am far from being a minimalist but I hate so much having all these things which take forever to box up, move and unpack. I really just want what is necessary and nothing more. Good luck to you and your stash! It's a never ending battle between the stash and the workspace and I'm going to win dammit!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Frederick The Panda

Introducing my very first lollytots softie design, Frederick the Panda! He's sassy and obnoxious and will invade your personal space. His lude comments might offend you but you will get over it soon. Just look into his beady eyes. You cannot resist him, no one can.. you just can't help but like him.

Frederick and Mr. Muffin have been hanging around the office today and had a little photo shoot.

Mr. Muffin was very proud of his new piece of artwork, a portrait of him drawn by Lord Deegan, his new office friend.

When asked how Mr. Muffin feels about his new friend Frederick he stared blankly back at me and shrugged his furry shoulders. "He is what he is.. and I hope he goes home soon.." Frederick will soon be up for sale in my etsy shop. Check back this weekend for details!

And yes I did use the sewing machine without a single glitch. I'm so excited!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mushroom Studio

How awesome is this little studio? I would LOVE to create this someday. It looks like the perfect creative space.

Found on Sonja Ahler's blog.

Is there anything like this in Oregon??

Here is another posting about it: