Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Ornament Ideas

This Christmas season I find myself tucked inside crafting away with the heater purrring and the sewing machine humming. I just can't get enough of Christmas crafts! Here are some ideas that I want to try out this week. I'm having some friends over for a craft night and hopefully we can try a few out. I have memories going way back of nights spent with my Grandma and mom cutting away at last year's holiday cards and making them into boxes and wreaths. Looks like these are all kid friendly as well so you can sit down with your little ones and share with them a new tradition.

This idea would work great with recycled holiday cards and paper scraps. I've seen versions with lights in the middle. I also spotted some for sale at Ikea. Why not make your own though? So much more fun. Directions can be found here at mmmcrafts blog.

I found this nifty little idea over at a really cool blog: Handmade Holidays through the year. It was originally from Martha Stewart and you can find the tutorial here. I have a lot of buttons around the house and I am sooo going to try out this idea. I wonder how it will look as a rainbow?

One of my favorite blogs: how about orange, shares with us some of her holiday stockings from last year. These designs are very modern and I think would look great as mini stocking ornaments.

Lastly I would like to share this great little tutorial from Yummy Pancake. I am going to make these this week for sure, I already have the spices and the applesauce. I've never made them before so this will be a learning experience. I'll be sure to share what I do manage to make!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Remember the most important thing this year is to spend time with the ones you love, that's the best gift of all. And crafts is a way of bringing people together.. now more than ever is the time to sit down and craft your heart out. Just make sure you do it with friends!

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