Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Screen-print till you die

Crafty Wonderland was a huge success. I am still working on a ton of shirts that are lined up to be printed or ironed.

Here's the printing station (took over the dining room table)

Robo Dino shirts drying!

More shirts Drying.

The ironing station (for heat setting the designs)

I'm still working on how to set up my booth for craft fairs. I got a lot of ideas this time around. Still a lot better than last time!

This chick made me some sweet thermal cup holders.

Kick ass temp tattoo!

Awesome event everyone. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I'll be drawing for the winner of the free t-shirt soon!

- Mary
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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Chalk it up success!

I had a blast this Saturday hanging out the the OLI crew and making some fabulous art. It was a great turnout and I made a lot of connections. This event always seems to come around when I'm feeling down and need to be reminded that there are bigger and better things out there and art is not all about the money but you can use your skills for a good cause.

I'm filled with the literacy love bug and will absolutely participate next year.


more pictures in my photo album. Check it out yo! (

- Mary K.